This event belongs to the group of dissemination activities which have been organized in order to ensure the success and sustainability of the MAMIDI project.

The main aim of the event was to spread the information about the project and its outputs with special focus on output 3 the Roadmap and its contents as well as to open up channels for networking and information exchange. Besides being a conference, it was also a platform for networking and for sharing views, information and experience.
The venue of the multiplier event was the carefully selected hall of Hotel Benczúr in the downtown of Budapest, altogether 52 participants attended the event.

After the registration there was an introduction speech by Trebag speaking about the importance of the topic, welcoming the speakers and the participants and encouraging active participation. It was followed by presentations of various speakers and two workshops. The main topics of the day including the presentations were the following:

•    Information about the project, presenting IO3 product, the Roadmap
•    Multiculturalism on the Hungarian Labour Market
•    Developing intercultural communicative competences
•    Possible tools for the retainment of staff of Hungarian and foreign origins
•    Decision making and development of leadership skills
•    Challenges of the labour market with immigration and emigration in HR perspective

All in all the MAMIDI final event was very successful. According to feedback questionnaires by participants they found all the activities of the event very successful. All the speakers received very positive feedback from the audience and the networking option with lunch also functioned well. There was an expression of interest and future collaboration on behalf of most participants.